2016 Mercedes E Class changes

Understanding the 2016 Mercedes E Class Redesign

Mercedes has announced its new series of Mercedes E Class in the 2016 Mercedes E Class. 2016 Mercedes E Class redesign will come from many aspects of the car. All redesigns have been made for fulfilling the desire of the market that want a better performance and appearance in the New Mercedes E class that will be released in the following year. This Mercedes E Class will have more innovation […]

2015 honda oddesy FCW warning beep

2015 Honda Odyssey Redesign, Colors, Release Date

Since the appearance of Odyssey in 1995, Honda has redesigned this minivan until now. The 2015 Honda Odyssey redesign are ready to hit the market with its new looks and performance. If we count the redesigned schedule, there are four face lift of Odyssey since 1995. The first redesigned was in 1999 after its born day. Honda gave a new body and doors for this minivan plus a class leading into […]

Audi Q7 2016

Audi Q7 2016 Redesign, Release Date

Audi Q7 2016 After long time of presence, Audi Q7 model expects to be redesigned. Model Audi Q7 2016 was better compulsory to compete in the SUV market. Even if it has developed as a big rival to the Porsche Cayenne model, both are in their own approach for numerous reasons. Indeed, from the start, the Audi Q7 2016 redesign promotes better driving experience. The market will have Audi Q7 2016 has […]

2016 honda accord redesign

New 2016 Honda Accord Redesign

New Honda Accord 2016 is sporty and stylish. We will find the new modern headlights and stylish balder. Nothing better to look at how classy this vehicle is as well as provide the sporty look. Inside, we won’t find any special changes. It is not a big deal since many experts agree that 2016 Honda Accord coupe equipment is already high qualified. The application is already has many high tech […]

volkswagen tiguan 2015

Nouveau 2015 VW Tiguan with 2.0 TDI Engine

Volkswagen prepares to unveil its second generation of SUV compact, Nouveau Tiguan 2015. The new 2015 VW Tiguan TDI will be possibly making debut in Paris motor show after the 2015 Tiguan launch in German Auto Motor and Sport. It can be on sale in the Northern autumn. If it is true,  new Tiguan 2015 will reveal more than three redesigned type of car in the Paris Auto Show, early October. […]

New Camaro 2015

2015 Camaro SS, with Manual Transmission and Magnetic Ride Control

Camaro will release its new Chevrolet design model in the next year. Pictures of 2015 Camaro brings us to know that this 2015 Chevy Camaro will have new facelift as well as the performance. This new Camaro offers a four doors car with improvements in its interior. Moreover, light weight 2015 Camaro will be provided to adjust this car performance. In terms of its interior, the design is more stylistic. […]